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Sustainability in motion

MIRAN Lubricants recognizes the importance of addressing sustainability in today’s global marketplace — balancing economic growth, social development, and environmental protection, so that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today.

MIRAN  has a long-term focus on the key aspects of corporate citizenship including reducing environmental impacts, protecting safety and health, and promoting economic development. Finding, developing, and delivering reliable and affordable supplies of energy to support economic progress have long been the foundation of MIRAN’s business. A key goal of our corporate citizenship efforts is to address the challenge of sustainability

We recognize that all energy sources will play a role in meeting future global energy demand. To meet the challenges of diverse power generation applications, such as geothermal, nuclear and wind power, we leverage our industry-leading technology and expertise to deliver lubricants that provide exceptional equipment protection for even some of the most extreme conditions. Our industrial lubricants are used around the world in windmill turbines; geothermal and cogeneration plants; and hydroelectric installations and nuclear facilities.

MIRAN lubricant’s industry-leading processes and systems in its operations support the progress of sustainability every day.

Through the corporate-wide Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS), we deploy environmental, health, safety, and security standards and expectations across our global operations in a disciplined and uniform approach that meets ISO 14001 environmental management system requirements. ISO 14001 comprises a set of requirements for environmental management systems established by the International Organization of Standardization in 1996 (and updated in 2004) for companies to institute enterprise-wide systems that control the environmental impacts and aspects of their operations.

Why our lubricant

Our engineers create a turnkey program through

  • Establishing representative sampling points and intervals
  • Identifying subtle trends that could contribute to sub-optimal performance
  • Documenting recommendations and confirmation of benefits achieved through reduced
  • Unscheduled downtime, machine replacement parts, oil consumption, and labor costs
  • Conducting on-site training to create lubrication awareness

We take oil analysis to the next level with our Signum oil analysis service. Making it easier for maintenance professionals to ensure long life and productivity of the equipment, Signum Oil Analysis is backed by unsurpassed flexibility, expertise, and quality assurance.

  • Flexibility

    • Manage and update equipment registrations
    • Select analysis options based on your equipment or maintenance needs
    • Create and sequence unique sample routes
  • List Title 2

    • Benefit from proprietary test control limits based on your equipment and applications
    • Receive expert assessments that identify problems, establish causes, and recommend actions
  • Quality

    • Realize advantages through practices and methods that are regularly audited
    • Experience a commitment to quality through consistent, accurate oil-analysis results

Leveraging our industry-leading technologies and engineering resources, we offer some of the most advanced technology in lubricants and specialty products that help deliver tangible performance-related benefits for industry and consumers worldwide.

Each of our synthetic lubricants helps provide long oil life, extended equipment life, less used oil for disposition, and potential energy savings or fuel economy. Other advantages include high-temperature capability, excellent resistance to oxidation, low-temperature flow properties, and protection against wear.

Gas engines – A highly flexible clean technology choice

Natural Gas or vaporised LNG is increasingly becoming available in densely populated or industrialised regions or near natural gas sources as a flexible piped and clean energy supply for various energy use purposes.

Gas engines of various types and sizes are ideal prime movers for efficient and clean generation of power or CHP within areas covered by piped gas supply.

Efficiency, load flexibility, reliability and low environmental impact are unique compared to other conversion technologies.

Close cooperation with leading gas engine manufacturers

MIRAN cooperates with all major gas engine manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, GE-Jenbacher, MAN, Mitsui, Rolls-Royce, Wärtsilä etc. and chooses the best suited engine type for any given application.

Equipment builders and manufacturers

Ongoing collaboration with Equipment Builders and Original Equipment Manufacturers further advances our technology development and application expertise.

  • Rehabilitation

    • Technical survey or lifetime extension of matured power plants
    • Analysis of best Return On Investment (ROI) solution
    • Repair of engines and auxiliary equipment
    • Design, delivery of equipment, installation, and commissioning.
  • Operation & Maintenance

    • Implementation of operation and maintenance contracts
    • Provision of tailored training programs and after sales services
    • Wide range of support in areas such as management, personnel systems and policies, safety and environmental management.
  • Independent Power Producer (IPP)

    • Contract coordination as regards to every contractual aspect of the project
    • In-depth analysis of contractual framework by in-house financial and tax specialists
    • Close cooperation with banks and financial institutions
    • Delivery of equity investments up front
    • Assisting investors seeking financing for their projects.
  • Service Agreements

    • Delivery of technical services in all aspects of power plant maintenance
    • Engine and generator overhaul, repair and trouble-shooting
    • Maintenance, repair and up-grade of mechanical and electrical auxiliary equipment
    • Delivery and set-up of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
    • Survey of plant power consumption with the aim of energy saving
    • Performance and heat-rate measurements.