This is what MIRAN is

MIRAN is a provider of quality products in the field of construction and equipment, natural gas engines, and  industrial gas turbines .In the field of highly efficient and environmentally

MIRAN is a promise, behind the more than employees are:

  • All employees work passionately to offer the best product portfolio in the market and to ensure its smooth operation by industry-recognized consulting and other services.
  • MIRAN pursues the principle of “Best Possible Customer Value Engineering”. This means that staff who deal with not just talk about equipment and operational troubleshooting, but also on economic and economic value creation potential.
  • MIRAN accepts responsibility partnership to make its customers economically successful and to act responsibly under eco-efficiency aspects.
  • MIRAN is committed to identifying and immediately communicating opportunities for new businesses to its clients in this rapidly changing, dynamic region with its particular cultural and evolving economic requirements.
  • MIRAN is tracking these fast developments, seeking also to keep its partners informed about the ‘’big picture’’ of the region as well as day-to-day developments.
  • MIRAN is scanning and monitoring the government and private sector demands of this region in related fields.
  • MIRAN’s mission is to act, sometimes as a bridge and sometimes as a partner in an area exploding with opportunities by guiding, counseling and assessing for its CLIENTS in a timely and cost effective fashion what they must know before and during their engagement in the region.


Miran success through optimized customer care

The success of the strategy of MIRAN  is aided by various factors. The products from MIRAN, involving gas engines, as well as complete gas power plants, CHP systems and cogeneration power plants, and all accessories and spare parts deliver premium quality in all areas of the value chain. The range is completed by the Service division, which handles maintenance of the gensets and supplies customers with original manufacturer’s parts. The products and solutions of theMIRAN, geared to high customer specifications, have successfully proven themselves in deployments and have made MIRAN one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient and ecologically advanced custom energy solutions in Iran.

  • Vision

    • To be the best partner for reliable and efficient energy solutions
  • Mission

              We strive to

    • Be a great and challenging place to work
    • Be the most valued partner
    • Be responsible corporate citizens
    • Promote environmentally compliant and green energy solutions
    • Be the preferred strategic partner
    • Be a creator of solid financial returns


Our behavior and business are based on the following:

  • Creating Value

    • We focus on opportunities and meet challenges with dedication
    • We value clarity of expectations as a key element in long-term cooperation
    • Through dedicated project management and teams we achieve results on projects.
  • Trustworthy

    • We are credible and act with integrity in all aspects of our work
    • We are straightforward, diligent and proactive in our approach to business
    • We strive to meet our commitments with respect to quality, time and budget.